Working Structure Fire

08/08/12 – At 11:43hrs the PFD was dispatched to 600 North 3rd Street for a Apartment Building Fire. As apparatus was en-route, PD arrived first on scene and advised county of a Working Structure, to the rear, of the second floor apartment. At this time, P-6 arrived on scene and requested the Schuylkill Haven FD RIT team be dispatched. Members from the PFD and first arriving E-32, immediately placed a 200’ 1 ¾” foam line in service and began their interior attack. Meanwhile next in L-51 placed their aerial in service and sent crews to the second floor to start ventilation and both E-11 and E-62 laid in 5” to supply the fire from two different locations. Due to the aggressive interior attack with the foam line, the fire was quickly knocked down and held to the apartment of origin.  Firefighters then setup salvage tarps on the first floor to protect personnel belongings while overhaul was performed on the second floor. Fire fighters were able to rescue a dog and cat that were in the fire apartment and administered oxygen as both were suffering from smoke inhalation. The PFD remained in service for approximately 1hr 30min. Photos by Brian Wetzel and Coal Region Fire.