Working Structure Fire

Address: 734 Schuylkill Avenue
Dispatch Time: 20:35
Stations Dispatched: Entire P.F.D.
Mutual Aid Companies: Schuylkill Haven RIT Team
Description: At 2035 hours a box alarm was struck for a reported structure fire in the middle of the row in the 700 block of Schuylkill Avenue. P2 (Asst Chief George Stefnic) arrived on scene confirming a working structure fire with heavy fire showing from the windows on Side A Division 1. Chief Stefnic established command and immediately called for the RIT to be dispatched from the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department. The buildings were reported to be vacant at the time of the alarm. L-51 arrived on scene first and stretched a 150’ 1-3/4” attack line to begin an initial knockdown of the exterior fire. E-11 arrived at the same time and established a water supply from the fire hydrant located across from the address. E-11 deployed a 200’ 2” smooth bore attack line and established interior operations through the door on Side A Division 1. The main body of fire was located in the front room on Division 1 and was quickly knocked down. A search was conducted of the structure and it was confirmed that it was unoccupied. E-62 setup behind L-51 and began operations in exposure B to check for extension, they encountered a smoke condition, but no fire showing. L-21 setup behind E-11 and put the aerial into service to the roof of exposure D. Crews from L-21 and E-32 checked exposure D for extension and encountered a heavy smoke condition with no fire initially. E-41 established a secondary water supply from the large main located on Mahantongo Street.

The construction style of the buildings created a void space between the fire building and exposure D, this void was covered on all sides and trapped the fire between the two structures for a brief time. Overhaul operations were performed on divisions 2 and 3 of both the fire building and exposure D to access this void space to completely extinguish the fire. The fire was declared under control approximately 1 hour after the initial dispatch.

Two firefighters were injured when a ground ladder contacted a live power line, both firefighters were treated on scene by Pottsville EMS and transported to Schuylkill Medical Center South for further evaluation. Their injuries were minor and both were later released from the hospital.
In-Service Time: Approximately 2-1/2hrs
Narrative by: Jason Witmier
Media By: Pictures: Fire Angel Photography, Video: Ladder 51