Working Apartment Building Fire

Address: 218 West Market Street
Dispatch Time: 05:24
Stations Dispatched: Entire P.F.D.
Mutual Aid Companies: Schuylkill Haven RIT Team; Port Carbon (E-5911) & St. Clair (T-701) on Standby at Station 30
Description: At 05:24 hours a box alarm was struck for a reported structure fire with entrapment at 218 West Market Street. P5 (Asst. Chief Bill Dewald) arrived on scene confirming a working apartment building fire with possible entrapment and heavy fire showing on Side A Division 1. Chief Dewald established command and immediately called for the RIT to be dispatched from the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department. First arriving E-32 immediately placed a 2-1/2” pre-connect in service due to the high fire volume. Next arriving L-51 immediately threw a 35’ ground ladder to Divison 3 and started the primary search as that is where the report of the possible entrapment was. E-11 established a water supply from a hydrant at 2nd and Market and their crew began an initial search of Division 1. E-41 established a second water supply from 3rd and Race Streets as they setup on the B/C corner of the structure and began a search of Division 2. E-62 brought a water supply from the west and setup on the A/B corner of the structure and sent their crew to assist with the search on Division 2. L-21 was put into service from Side A and provided vertical ventilation of the roof. The fire was brought under control within an hour, and all searches were negative, several animals perished in the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time.
In-Service Time: Approximately 4 hrs
Narrative by: Jason Witmier
Media By: Pictures: Renee Williams, Yorkville Hose & Coal Region Fire – Videos: Response – E-32, L-51 & E-11, Helmet Cameras – L-51 & E-32 Crews.

Response Video

Helmet Camera Videos