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Station 60 – Yorkville

The original station was constructed in 1907 and once housed the company’s apparatus until the weight and size of these trucks became too much. This building features the company’s unique house siren, which was used during wartime as a civil air defense warning and can be heard throughout the entire town. The building also boasts a large social hall for receptions, meetings, etc., with a commercial kitchen, social quarters, meeting room, and 2 separate office areas.

The new and current station was constructed in 1957 and currently houses the company’s 3 pieces of apparatus. This building features a Hamworthy high-pressure compressor, Circul-Air fire hose dryer, shower facilities, and a Federal Signal indicator and tone activated alert system.

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Sta. 60 – Apparatus

Rescue 63 Make: 2005 Spartan Body: Swab Wagon Company Seating: 12 Engine 62 Make: 1997 Spartan/Swab Pump: 2000 GPM Hale Water: 600 Gallons Seating: 8 Firefighters Preconnects: 6 Handlines Supply Hose: 1200′-5″ SCBA: (10) Scott 5.0 Utility 61 Rescue 64

Sta. 60 – Events

Upcoming Events Chicken Pot Pie September 19, 2019 4 PM to 7 PM   Chicken Pot Pie October 17, 2019 4 PM to 7 PM   Pork and Sauerkraut November 5, 2019 4 PM to 7 PM  

Sta. 60 – History

100 years ago, citizens of what was then the Borough of Yorkville called a meeting to obtain fire protection. On October 27, 1891, the company was formed and the initial meeting was held on November 16th of that year. A charter was issued to a dozen members of the newly formed company on February 2, …

Sta. 60 – Officers

2019 Company Officers President – John Wollyung Vice-President – Shawn Byron Recording Secretary – Chuck Bauers Financial Secretary – Jack Hoffman Treasurer – Kurt Shelhamer Company Trustee – Joe Wollyung Company Trustee – Charlie Bauers Company Trustee – Tom Sippel 2019 Fire Officers Captain – Kurt Shelhamer 1st Lieutenant – Chuck Bauers 2nd Lieutenant – …

Sta. 60 – Photos