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Sta. 50 – History

Organization of the West End Hose Co. #7 was effected on September 7th, 1886 when twenty men met at the home of Samuel M Rosenberger. After application for charter Borough Council provided the new company with a two wheel “Crab,” a primitive piece of fire apparatus, which was housed in the Old Wren Store & Dwelling House on North 10th St. in the rear of Anton Reinhart’s Hotel.

Charter for the company was received from the County Courts on May 23rd ,1887, with the membership numbering nineteen. Anton Reinhart erected the first hosehouse on the sight of his old stone dwelling house, where the “Crab” was first kept. The new building was first occupied on January 1st, 1888 with council paying a rental fee of eight dollars per year for it’s use. During December of 1891,the Company purchased a lot on the south side of Market Street, between 12th and 13th Streets from Mrs. Solme Lauer, for two thousand dollars, where the present brick building was erected six years later.

On March 20th, 1907, a committee composed of five men was named to purchase a chemical extinguisher and hose wagon from the Hook and Ladder Company in Province, RI. The new piece of apparatus was placed in service on December 10th, 1907. An Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine had been procured from the International Power Company in Boston, Massachusetts during 1907, at the time the Company’s investment was $21,000.00 and the membership was at 346.

In 1928, a 900 GPM Ahrens Fox Triple Combination Truck, the first of it’s type in Schuylkill County, was purchased at a cost of $13,500.00 In 1937 a 500 GPM Ahrens Fox Emergency Car was purchased. In 1960 a 65 Ft. Seagrave Aerial Quint Truck was purchased. In 1977 a 100 Ft. 1000 GPM Seagrave rear mount Aerial Quint Truck was purchased. In 1992 a 75 Ft., 1500 GPM E-One Aerial Quint Truck was purchased at a cost of $400,000.00. In 1997 a Chevy/Yaissle Squad truck was purchased at a cost of $60,000.00.

The present equipment of the West End Hose Co.# 7 is a 1992 E-One Aerial Quint Truck, and a 1997 Chevy/Yaissle Squad Truck. In addition to these two pieces of modern firefighting equipment the Company still has it’s 1928 Ahrens Fox Pumper.