Return to Station 50 – West End

Sta. 50 – Apparatus

Ladder 51


Make: 2005 E-One 75′ Quint
Pump: 2000 GPM Hale
Water: 400 Gallons
Seating: 10 Firefighters
Preconnects: 3 Handlines
Supply Hose: 500′-5″
SCBA: (15) Scott 5.0

Squad 52


Make: 1997 Chevy/Yaissle Body
Cab Seating: 5 Firefighter
Body Seating: 4 Firefighters
Squad 52 carries portable lighting equipment, floor dry/absorbent materials for motor vehicle accidents, a variety of hand tools, and brush firefighting equipment.

Utility 53



Car 54



“The Fox


Make: 1928 Ahrens Fox
Pump: 900 GPM Triple Comb.
Water: 60 Gallon Booster Tank
Seating: 3 Firefighters
Purchase Cost: $13,500
This unit featured the first Piston pump in Schuylkill County. Unit was designed with lower than Standard gear ratio due to the hilly road conditions in Pottsville.