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Station 50 – West End

The West End Hose Company is located at 1217 West Market St. This current site was purchased in December of 1891 and the building was constructed in 1897. The apparatus bay houses the Ladder and Squad with ample floor space, but limited height. E-One provided special engineering to lower the turntable so the Ladder truck would fit. The building features a social hall upstairs with a modern kitchen area for hosting fundraisers.

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Sta. 50 – Apparatus

Ladder 51 Make: 2005 E-One 75′ Quint Pump: 2000 GPM Hale Water: 400 Gallons Seating: 10 Firefighters Preconnects: 3 Handlines Supply Hose: 500′-5″ SCBA: (15) Scott 5.0 Squad 52 Make: 1997 Chevy/Yaissle Body Cab Seating: 5 Firefighter Body Seating: 4 Firefighters Squad 52 carries portable lighting equipment, floor dry/absorbent materials for motor vehicle accidents, a …

Sta. 50 – Events


Sta. 50 – History

Organization of the West End Hose Co. #7 was effected on September 7th, 1886 when twenty men met at the home of Samuel M Rosenberger. After application for charter Borough Council provided the new company with a two wheel “Crab,” a primitive piece of fire apparatus, which was housed in the Old Wren Store & …

Sta. 50 – Officers

2013 Company Officers President – Jack Messner Vice-President – Harry Reed Secretary – Don Kline Financial Secretary – Bobby Brennan Treasurer – Dan Kelly Company Trustee – Bud Nabholz Company Trustee – Joe Rosenberger Company Trustee – Ray Murphy 2013 Fire Officers Captain – Jack Messner 1st Lieutenant – Joe Rosenberger 2nd Lieutenant – Ray …

Sta. 50 – Photos