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Station 20 – Phoenix

The Phoenix Fire Company is one of two station located on the City’s “East Side” of town. The station sits on Norwegian Street 1 block off of Route 61. The long and narrow building houses one of two tractor drawn aerials in the county. The building houses a social room in the basement, a weight room on the first floor, and a meeting room on the second floor. This building has housed the Phoenix since the companies inception.

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Sta. 20 – Apparatus

Ladder 21 Make: 2004 Pierce Ladder: 110 Ft. Water: None Seating: 8 Firefighters Ground Ladders: 276′ Large Variety of Forcible Entry Tools SCBA: (8) Scott 5.0

Sta. 20 – Events


Sta. 20 – History

The history of Phoenix Fire Company No. 2 of Pottsville actually dates back to April of 1829, the company has been under its current name since November 25, 1867. The company was originally recognized by the Pottsville Borough Council on April 30, 1830 as the Schuylkill Hydraulian Company and as such, was the first regularly …

Sta. 20 – Officers

2013 Company Officers President – James Pryce 1st Vice-President – Steve Karinch 2nd Vice-President – Jack Carey Recording Secretary – Mark Atkinson Financial Secretary – Ralph Young Jr. Company Trustee – Mark Atkinson Company Trustee – Butch Young Company Trustee – James Pryce 2013 Fire Officers Captain – James Pryce 1st Lieutenant – Steve Karinch …

Sta. 20 – Photos