Sep 05

Odor Investigation

9/4/2011 – At 22:39hrs stations 50 & 60 were dispatched to 24 North 24th street (York Terrace Nursing Home) for an odor investigation. As units were en-route, county advised that parts of the building were without power and workers were reporting an unknown type of odor. When apparatus arrived on scene, command upgraded the call to box alarm which brought the rest of the city stations to the scene. Crews used multiple Thermal Imaging Cameras to locate the source of the burning odor but the smell dissipated and everything checked out clear. At the time, a large thunderstorm with frequent lighting, was believed to strike a nearby utility pole that sent a surge of power into the building and tripped multiple breakers. PFD crews were in service approximately 1 hour. Photos from Yorkville Hose Facebook

Sep 05

Mutual Aid – Off Road Rescue

9/3/2011 – At 13:24hrs station 60 was dispatched to assist Mount Pleasant (Foster Twp.) for an off road motorcycle accident. Firefighters assisted with patient packaging and the patient was transported out of the woods to the awaiting Geisinger Life Flight helicopter. Station 60 personnel were on scene for approximately 2 hours. Photos from Yorkville Hose Facebook

Sep 05


9/2/2011 – At 20:18hrs stations 10, 60 & 70 were dispatched to the area of Route 61 & Union street for a MVA with unknown injuries. When apparatus arrived on scene, they blocked the south bound passing lane and firefighters applied floor dry to the leaking fluids. Cones and flares were placed around the accident scene to control traffic until the towing company arrived. Units were on scene for approximately 40 minutes. Photos from Yorkville Hose Facebook

Aug 29

Multiple Calls from Hurricane Irene

8/28/2011 – It was a busy day for the PFD as hurricane Irene brought high winds and heavy rain to the city. Due to the large storm, the decision was made early in the morning to have all seven (7) stations manned  so they could be utilized as needed to ensure a quick response. The PFD handled multiple calls multiple calls throughout the day which included multiple automatic fire alarms, trees/wires down, pumping out flooded basements and providing fire police at multiple intersections due to power outages. By late afternoon, the worst of the storm passed, and all the stations were released from stand-by. A few calls still came in throughout the evening hours for flooded basements and trees down but were easily handled. Photos are from a few different calls and are from Yorkville Hose Facebook and J. Morgalis

Aug 25

Possible Structure Fire

08/24/2011 – At 11:06hrs the PFD was dispatched to 2282 West Mahantongo Street for a possible structure fire. As apparatus was en-route, county advised that the home owner could smell something burning and could see a light smoke haze.  First arriving E-62 immediately sent a crew in the house with a thermal camera to search for the source of the smoke. Meanwhile, E-62 placed a 1-3/4” in service to standby in case it was needed inside. Crews searched the house and made their way to the attic where they found insulation smoldering above a light fixture. The ceiling was opened up and the insulation and light fixture were removed from the house and wet down. Units remained in service for approximately 1-1/2 hrs. Photos from Yorkville Hose Facebook

Aug 24

Mutual Aid – Industrial Accident

08/23/2011 – At 10:43hrs Station 60 was dispatched to assist South Cass And Mt. Pleasant Fire to 25 Keystone Blvd. (Cass Twp.) for an Industrial Accident with Entrapment. As R-63 & S-61 were en-route, county advised that an individual was trapped in a forklift and that stabilization was need in order to remove the patient. When units arrived on scene, they immediately began to stabilize the forklift and then assisted EMS with patient packaging and extrication. Crews from Station 60 remained on scene approximately 2 hours until the forklift and trailer were removed. Photos from Yorkville Hose Facebook

Aug 06

Mutual Aid – Working Structure Fire

8/6/2011 – At 05:02 hours Pottsville Rit-North (E32/E41) was dispatched to 120 North Jardin Street, Shenandoah, to assist at a working structure fire.  The fire was located in the middle of a long row in a fairly tight section of Shenandoah.  The working fire involved two 3-story structures which were heavily damaged, however the fire was prevented from spreading any further.  Pottsville units arrived on scene and relieved Mahanoy City  RIT with E-41 crew setting up on side C and E-32 crew setup on side A.  A partial collapse occurred on Side A as the eve’s of the buildings fell to the street, nobody was injured.  Pottsville units were cleared from the scene around 07:00.  Units on the scene included: Shenandoah Fire Dept, Mahanoy City (West End/Citizens), Girardville (Rangers), Ringtown, Ashland, Frackville, and Pottsville. Helmet Cam Video from PFD RIT Team. Pictures can be found at: Coal Region Fire

Jul 23

Mutual Aid – Working Structure Fire

On 7/23/11 at 07:33hrs stations 30, 50 & 60 were dispatched along with the Norwegian Township Fire Department to 599 Broad Street, Village of Marlin, for a possible structure fire. As units were en-route, the column of smoke could be seen all around Pottsville and surrounding communities which prompted command to upgrade to his second alarm. First arriving units from Mar-Lin found heavy fire on sides A, B & B/C corner of the structure. When Pottsville units arrived on scene, they immediately placed multiple hand lines in service and secured additional water supplies due to the large amount of fire. Meanwhile crews from both Pottsville and Minersville vented the structure and set-up ground ladders. Pottsville units were in service for approximately 3 hours. Pictures below by Brian Wetzel, Video below from Ladder 51.
Additional pictures located on Coal Region Fire.

Jul 22

American Hose Co. #2 Housing Dedication

American Hose Co. #2 (Station 70) will be housing their new engine and building on October 8. 2011. Click on the link below for more information and a list of awards that will be given out.

American Hose Co. #2 Housing Flyer

Jul 09

Mutual Aid – Working Structure Fire

07/05/2011 – At 03:10 hours Pottsville RITE (E-11/E-72) were dispatched to 65 Lehigh Street in Tamaqua for Rapid Intervention Team services at a working structure fire.  The fire was fully involved before the fire company was even on scene, involving four 3-story row homes.  E-11 and E-72 setup RIT operations on the A/D corner of the scene, later in the incident the original RIT team took back over and crews from Pottsville were sent into exposure buildings to assist with overhaul.  Photo’s from

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