Mutual Aid – Working Structure Fire

8/6/2011 – At 05:02 hours Pottsville Rit-North (E32/E41) was dispatched to 120 North Jardin Street, Shenandoah, to assist at a working structure fire.  The fire was located in the middle of a long row in a fairly tight section of Shenandoah.  The working fire involved two 3-story structures which were heavily damaged, however the fire was prevented from spreading any further.  Pottsville units arrived on scene and relieved Mahanoy City  RIT with E-41 crew setting up on side C and E-32 crew setup on side A.  A partial collapse occurred on Side A as the eve’s of the buildings fell to the street, nobody was injured.  Pottsville units were cleared from the scene around 07:00.  Units on the scene included: Shenandoah Fire Dept, Mahanoy City (West End/Citizens), Girardville (Rangers), Ringtown, Ashland, Frackville, and Pottsville. Helmet Cam Video from PFD RIT Team. Pictures can be found at: Coal Region Fire