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May 7, 1993
200 Block of North Ninth Street
1993 continued to be a devastating fire year for the City of Pottsville as fire ripped through a block of homes on North Ninth Street. This fire was one of the worst in the modern history of the PFD. The fire started in a furnace in the basement of one of the center homes. The homes shared a common basement and cockloft allowing the fire to quickly spread throughout the block of homes. There was heavy fire showing from three homes upon arrival of the first units.

March 16, 1993
Box Alarm – Pierce Street – Fatal Structure Fire
This dramatic photo taken by a Pottsville Republican Newspaper photographer shows Captain Mike Glore (E-11) and Dale Blum (E-33) making an attempt to enter and search for two entrapped children at this tragic structure fire on Pierce Street.

This rapidly moving fire claimed the lives of two young children. The fire occurred a few days after a major snow storm dumped 16″ of snow on the City hampering firefighters’ efforts to get apparatus into the scene in the tight streets of Bunker Hill. The fire completely destroyed the building of origin and heavily damaged the structures to either side. The distant photo’s are captured from a video taken on the North side of town by the County Prison

March 10, 1985
Box Alarm – Morgan Avenue – Working Structure Fire
Fire destroyed one home and heavily damaged two others in this row of homes on the upper North side of Pottsville. Morgan Avenue is located in the tight street area behind the Schuylkill County Prison for those familiar with Pottsville.

February 9, 1985
Box Alarm – MHMR Home – Fatal Structure Fire

January 18, 1984
Box Alarm – 9th & Laurel Boulevard, Reilands Chip Factory
Fire broke out in the potato chip factory when cardboard boxes fell over onto a lit kerosene heater. The fire was well involved when fire units arrived. Firefighters fought cold weather and snow while fighting the blaze. The factory was destroyed, but the adjoining Pomeroy’s storage building was well protected suffering only minor smoke and water damage.

Box Alarm – 527, 527½ East Market Street

March 27, 1982
Box Alarm – 800 Mount Hope Avenue, Webb’s Tires
Fire destroyed Webb’s Tires located at the corner of 8th and Mount Hope Avenue. Fire extended into the upper floors of two adjoining homes heavily damaging the 3rd floor of each home. The tire shop was torn down, the upper floor was removed from the adjoining homes. Fire would again strike these two homes in the 1990’s.

July 28, 1978
Pine View Acres

April 27, 1978
Weiners Junk Yard, Route 61 South of Pottsville

March 9, 1978
Fairview Street