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July 25, 1966

July 28, 1965

December 20, 1962

November 8, 1961
Box 68 – 09:25 hours – 120 W. Railroad Street – Cause: Defective Flue – Loss $800
Photo is taken from West End’s 1960 Seagrave 750 quint. Directly in front is Greenwood Hill’s 1947 International-Darley 500 GPM, posedi n front of the building is Humane’s 1929 Buffalo hose wagon. In front of the Buffalo with hose bed facing us is Good Will’s 1952 GMC American 750, next is Good Intent’s 1958 Oren 750, behind Good Intent is Phoenix’ 1959 ALF 100′ tiller. Just barely visible on the edge of photo to right is Humane’s 1953 Seagrave 1000 GPM.

October 27, 1959
Box 42 – 22:00 hours – 6th & W.Market Street – Cause Unknown – Loss: $150,000
Quoting the official fire report, “Fire had terrific headway on arrival. Fire department did excellent job in containing fire, saving English Lutheran Church and Parrish house. Fire occured in Acme store with occupied apartments above.

June 15, 1959
Box 78 – 17:45 hours – 22nd & W. Market Street – Rapp Motors Company
Building was well involved upon arrival and was destroyed by the fire. Left hand photo shows side 1 of the building. Right hand photo shows side 4 of the structure with Yorkville’s 1949 Maxim 750 GPM quad in the left side of the photo.

February 21, 1957
Box 14 – 15:05 hours – 5 N. Second Street – Cause Unknown – Loss: $13,171.65
Fire started in stock room in rear of store on the 1st floor (Trudy Shoppe). In the photo is Good Intent’s 1937 Ahrens Fox 500 GPM/200 GWT pumping from inside it’s station as the fire occured next door. Note the hose drying racks on the wall

January 14, 1957
Borough of Palo Alto – Bacon Street – 14:15 hours
Fire destroyed four wood frame row homes. Pottsville sent two engines from American Hose, one from Greenwood Hill, and one from Yorkville to assist on the scene.

October 23, 1954
Box 16 – 00:37 hours – 527,527½,529,531 E.Market Street – Cause Unknown – Loss: $9,373
Fire started in basement of 529 and burned through floor of porch on exterior of building extending to top of building through partition walls. Fire struck here again on 9/15/1983 at 18:02 hours due to ignited gasoline vapors. Home was well involved on arrival at the ’83 fire, loss $60,000.

September 29, 1949
Borough of Port Carbon – 10:30 hours
Texaco gasoline tanker (4500 gal.) collided with Reading Railroad passenger train at Main St. Railroad crossing. A private auto owned by Paul Starr was also involved.
The driver of the truck and the fireman of the train crew were killed.
Pottsville sent West End and Yorkville to assist.

August 24, 1946
Box 36 – 18:12 hours – 313 Mahantongo Street, Elks Lodge – Cause Unknown – Loss: $7,659.82
Firefighters operated from Phoenix’ aerial ladder and ground ladders to knock down exterior fire.