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Parade Rules & Regulations

1. All units will have a driver & officer report to registration no later than 11 am to register.
2. Registration will be located at Humane Fire Company, 3rd & Laurel Boulevard.
3. All units must display identification in the driver side lower windshield.
4. Drivers must have valid drivers license.
5. There will be no spot drilling in the line of the parade.
6. Trucks not remaining in the line of parade will be disqualified for awards.
7. All units must pass judges stand and complete the entire parade to be eligible for prize.
8. No bells, sirens, loudspeakers, air horns, or any other sound device during parade (violators will be disqualified and possibly asked to leave).
9. Any intoxicated person in the line of parade will be grounds for disqualification for that organization.
10. Pottsville Fire Department apparatus will not be eligible for any awards.
11. Inspection of apparatus will be from 9 am to Noon. You must be in the inspection area by 11:30 am to be judged.
12. Awards will be announced and handed out at the after parade festivities located at the Rubbermaid Facility, 13th and Laurel Boulevard.
13. Competent judges will inspect all parade entries. ALL DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL.
14. No drinking will be permitted in the line of parade. Violators will be disqualified.
15. In case of a fire in Pottsville, only POTTSVILLE or DESIGNATED COVER COMPANIES will respond.
16. No objects of any kind are to be thrown from any vehicle or float in the line of parade.
17. All persons on apparatus in line of parade must be seated and belted.
18. No two prizes will be awarded to any company in the same category.
19. There will be NO “White Glove” inspection.
20. Please register as early as possible for better placement in the line of parade.